aXis - system description

aXis unique 12 ways structural post supports, interlocking screens, radial feet, beams and work surfaces, this allows for any configuration, size and height of workstation or furniture to be created. Inventory includes curved polyprolylene, full height, fabric, timber, half and fully glazed, pinnable and airflow screens, white and magnetic boards. aXis is able to be flat packed for economical shipping. Installation and construction are a simple matter of cutting-to-length and screwing together with Allen key and Phippips screwdriver.


aXis - system screens

aXis screens are fabricated from durable 36mm extruded aluminium capping around honeycomb-core panel. A 2mm fibreboard cladding allows for pin-ability but also creates a lightweight panel with high structural integrity allowing for wider and lighter screens to be made. The capping is channeled to allow for M6 fixings frame and component finishes are powder coated. Screens can be finished in fabric, laminates, perforated metals, or glazing. Pre-finished or timber panels can be simply cam-locked in between the posts to provide economic infill. Translucent materials like glass, acrylic and polycarb can be slotted into the post section or framed and fitted.